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Syarat dan Ketentuan Guild Migrasi:

1. Member guild aktif minimal 12 orang

2. Guild member harus login secara bersamaat saat pengambilan Screenshot oleh GM

3. Ke 12 guild member yang mengclaim reward minimal level 99 job 2nd 

Reward Guild Migrasi:

- 10jt Zeny
- 200 EDP Bottle
- 500 Acid Set
- 2000 Cold Medicine
- 10 Gympass

100 poring coin


12 Guild Migrasi Box yang berisi :

+5 Tidal Shoes
+5 Wool Scarf
+5 Formal Suit
+5 Orlean's Server
Feather Beret
Thara Frog Card
Raydric Card
Matyr Card
Marc Card
Ring [1]
Earring [1]
Necklace [1]
Glove [1]
Brooch [1]

Note : Saat mengclaim reward migrasi, anggota guild tidak diizinkan dual login.

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